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What is the Best Used Estate Car

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  • 30-05-2021
What is the Best Used Estate Car

If you are looking for the best used estate car to buy today, we have created this article to help. Find out more about which second hand estate car offers the best value for money.

Picking The Best Used Estate Cars

Estate cars have catered to many car owners over the years, whether you're a business owner, need a family car, or have pets you tend to travel with. Estate cars provide you with the same comfort, aesthetics, trimmings, quality and space as you'd expect from rivalling saloons. 

Estate cars fall into the luxury category, generally meaning a 'luxury pricetag'. Second-hand best-used estate cars might be for you and can save you money or end up falling into your budget. It is always worth looking out for or waiting for deals. 

Is it really an estate car you need?

The general stigma behind estate cars is that their sole purpose or use is centred on businesspeople or family type people; this is no longer the case as models are manufactured and designed with many needs and people in mind.

What is the Best Used Estate Car To Buy Today? Hampshire

This doesn't mean that estates suit everyone. If you have a larger family and require up to seven seats (five rear seats, two passenger seats) or the option to have your seats folded, then an estate car may not be for you. 

4x4's/SUV's/hatchbacks are another similar example to estate cars with alternate benefits such as all-terrain features. 

If your perspective on estate cars is that they're a bit pricey, then SUV's/hatchbacks aren't for you; they're more costly to run, have higher upkeeps and are overall a bit more expensive market. 

Best used estate cars offer affordable deals against the price tag associated with estates making for a more family-friendly budget.

Is it really an estate car you need? Hampshire

Style or Storage?

One of the main reasons when opting for an estate car is the depth of boot space. 

While one of the best for the average school run, cross country trip, camping, moving, etc., it isn't bottomless but still plenty. It is always worth taking into account the boot space compared to your needs and requirements. 

More modern or second-generation versions tend to focus on style over space.

A good example of this is the Volvo V60 with a boot holding 360-litres or the Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer; with both the V60 and Sports Tourer having a boot smaller than rivalling saloons such as the S60 coming in with a boot holding 375-litres or the Audi A4 Avant and BMW 3 Series coming in with a huge 490-litres and 495-litres respectively. 

If you're looking to avoid this, some estates on the market consider the Toyota Avensis or Mercedes Benz E-Class Estate, and they are easy to find as used estates. 

The Mercedes Benz E-class is still the highest-selling car to date for Mercedes-Benz, meaning it's reputable and finding a Mercedes E-Class on the market is an easy task. 

It is also worth noting how many passengers generally travel in your car. Whether you need additional rear seats or not as well as other features/equipment, you may require such as an adjustable steering wheel, economic value, etc.

Decide on Diesel or Petrol

The standard for estates is diesel engines centred around long distances or hefty torque and performance, allowing for heavy loads, whether towing or carrying. 

In the modern age, it's becoming harder to differentiate petrol and diesel in terms of benefits or price; for example, a diesel car generally has higher tax but will also have lower running costs. 

If lengthy rides aren't your concern and you get fewer miles out of your car than most, petrol might be better to drive for you and will actually provide better economic value.

Engine size should also be considered when deciding on your model of an estate; with a range from 1.0-litre 4 cylinders which aren't great on speed but are one of the best for fuel economy, to 1.6-litres with this group including four cylinders and occasional turbo, to the 2.2-litre engines you expect from larger models with quality horsepower and performance, capable of carrying larger loads.

Research which model is best for your requirements

There are many models on the market for a new car or best-used estate cars, especially on the second-hand used cars market. 

Without research or an understanding, it's easy to become overwhelmed. It is important to narrow down your requirements and what you need from a car to ultimately find what's right for you; business, pleasure, whether the car is for you, or your family, partner, pets, etc. and their needs. 

Skoda and Peugeot offer great solutions for both a huge boot, with the gargantuan Skoda Superb (the boot holds 660-litres) and the Peugeot 3008 (holding 520-litres) or the more cost-efficient Skoda Octavia. 

If you're on a budget, then ford offers the Ford Focus, cheap upfront and on monthly costs such as fuel, to really help families with their month to month finances. Other options to consider are how many seats you need in the rear to help narrow down your search range. 

Forums, advice or reviews are an irreplaceable source of information, easily accessible and free, with many experiences, preferences and insights and can help you find deals. 

It is important when making such a big purchase to check everything is authorised and regulated. Whether you're in the market for new or best-used estate cars, we at Car Buyer Hampshire are also here to help.

What are the most reliable best-used estate cars?

When it comes to practicality, it's hard to compete with the estate car. Versatility, roomy load space and spacious interiors, great milage, quality and more, all for such a wide variety of people. 

We have comprised a list through reviews, top 10s, research and experience to find an estate car suited to you. 

Seat Leon ST 

In terms of aesthetics, rivalling the Seat Leon ST is no easy tasks. With a classy design, stylised details and great trim levels, it truly turns heads. The Seat Leon ST isn't all looks; however, this estate model car excels in practicality, so much so it may be within the top of its class. Superb handling makes it fun to drive, offering petrol and diesel engines; it's hard to pass on the Seat Leon ST.

Seat Leon ST: What is the Best Used Estate Car To Buy Today? Hampshire
Volkswagen Passat Estate: What is the Best Used Estate Car To Buy Today? Hampshire

Volkswagen Passat Estate 

Sophisticated interiors and spacious, roomy luggage space to boot, the Volkswagen Passat estate is one of the best choices. Excelling in manoeuvrability and handling, the Passat is good to drive. Combined with the teched-out interiors/equipment such as a built-in menu including sat-nav and dab radio, the Volkswagen Passat Estate is luxury in a vehicle. The Passat has gone through many alterations, versions, etc., improving on itself constantly; it is always worth opting for the second-generation version with the Passat Estate.  

Volkswagen Golf Estate 

The Volkswagen Golf Estate is cleverly designed, allowing you to store so much more into a Golf than you ever assumed you could. Golf's are known to be compact, yet Volkswagen has kept this iconic and defining feature and combined it with what you expect from an estate without compromising on either side. Well equipped with a massive boot space and roomy interiors, the choice between petrol or diesel engines, stylish interiors and one of the best in handling making for a great ride, it's no wonder the Golf Estate makes the top 3, with great value for money at such a low cost. 

Volkswagen Golf Estate : What is the Best Used Estate Car To Buy Today? Hampshire
Skoda Octavia Estate : What is the Best Used Estate Car To Buy Today? Hampshire

Skoda Octavia Estate 

In terms of value, rivalling the Skoda Octavia Estate is no easy tasks. Well equipped with spacious interiors and roomy luggage to boot, great handling and superb miles per gallon, whether diesel or petrol engines, the Octavia Estate starts to pass its rivals in terms of value for money. Well built and robust, enough to handle any ride or family for generations, built to last to put you and your family's mind at ease. For such a great price fitting into many budgets and cheap upfront and monthly costs such as fuel, to really help families with their month to month finances, the Skoda Octavia earns its place in second.

Ford Mondeo Estate 

 Whether it's from forums, advice, reviews, etc., the Ford Mondeo Estate is generally agreed-upon as the top estate for reliability and practicality. While varying rivals could beat the Ford Mondeo Estate in some areas, it's the overall accumulation of the Ford Mondeo that puts it above the rest. The brilliant square-shaped design of the Ford Mondeo Estate's interior allows you to take advantage of every area the Mondeo Estate has to offer. Comfortability both from the car and as a passenger with comfortable seats, combined with the Mondeo sports' efficiency during long durations due to the 2.0-litre diesel TDCi engine and superb handling throughout, make the Ford Mondeo hard to compete with. Due to manufacturing, age and other factors, the Ford Mondeo Estate is an easy find, whether new or on the second-hand market, all for an affordable price you wouldn't; expect from estates with this much to offer.

Ford Mondeo Estate : What is the Best Used Estate Car To Buy Today? Hampshire

Which is the most reliable estate Car the UK?

What is the most comfortable estate car?

What is the best family estate car?

 Jaguar XF Sportsbrake

 BMW 5 Series Touring Estate

 Audi A6 Avant

 Volvo V60

 BMW 3 Series Touring Estate

 Skoda Superb Estate 

 BMW 5 Series Touring estate

 Skoda Octavia Estate

 Mercedes E-Class Estate

 Volkswagen Passat Estate

 Volkswagen Passat Estate 

 BMW 3 Series Touring

 Å koda Superb Estate

 Mazda 6 Tourer

 Ford Mondeo Estate

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