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What is The Best Used 4x4

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  • 23-02-2021
What is The Best Used 4x4

What is the best used 4x4 car to buy today? Find out more below about the top 4x4 cars available to buy second hand. We compare reliability, drivability and value for money.

What are the benefits of 4x4's?

There are many reasons why someone would need or benefit from a 4x4; whether it's the simple power and traction giving you superb road-ability or something more specific. 

The 4x4's combination of power and traction offer solutions to the steepest roads or off terrain tracks, including even obstacles blocking your path with its amazing go-anywhere ability. 

Safety: The 4 wheel drive traction allows for extra control and grip through gravel, rocks, snow, sleet and even ice. 

Weight: It's no secret that 4x4's weigh a lot, however, this is partly for your benefit; the extra weight allows for better grip on the road due to the extra pressure you're applying. 

Off-roading: The prior benefits make the 4x4 the perfect off-roading vehicle for any weather or terrain allowing you to veer off the standard path. 

 Range of brands: SUV's are gaining traction and becoming more and more popular each year with multiple companies adding to or launching their own model of SUV or crossover  

What is the best second hand used 4x4 to buy?


Land Rover Discovery 

The Land Rover Discovery excels in practicality, seating up to seven adults with ease and roomy storage space to boot. 

Land Rover's give you that Luxury label and features; this also means the price tag is also fitting of that luxury label and upkeep. 

Maintenance is important when it comes to the Land Rover Discovery, especially in terms of debris, water or dirt on the undercoating leading to ware or rust. 

When searching the market for a Land Rover Discovery, whether new or second-hand; you should inspect the warning lights for issues with the air suspension or use the correct tools to check for any other issues on the underside.

What is The Best Used 4x4 Car To Buy Today? Hampshire


Dacia Duster 

Whether a new car or a used car, the Dacia Duster is reliable on any expedition with the option to switch between four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive with ease allowing for a comfortable and fun ride. Compared to the Discovery, the Dacia Duster only seats up to five people (three rear seats); four with comfort and spacious room. One of the main selling points of the Dacia is the depth of storage the boot provides, with such a large area, perfect for those camping for moving trips. The Dacia Duster is superb and excels in its value for money.  


Whatever version of the BMW X3 you come across, you can be left assured each version will not leave you lacking. The BMW X3 is great to drive, hosts roomy interiors, and a spacious boot while being a high commodity.

Well equipped with four-wheel drive and smart features including interior specs and electronics such as a premium infotainment system or automatic gearbox, all while being more economical than you may think, even including the 20d diesel version. Due to the range and age of the BMW X3, you can now easily find the X3 available at relatively cheap prices. It is worth noting to check the fuel-injection system and miles on second-hand or second-generation models. 

What is The Best Used 4x4 Hampshire : BMW X3
What is The Best Used 4x4 Hampshire : Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 

The Volvo XC90 are great family cars, whether it's cross country trips or the daily schools runs. The Volvo XC90 sports seven seats as well as spacious storage to boot. A stylish modern aesthetic both internally and externally with a great array of features such as trimmings, clean finish, an infotainment system and more. A second-hand or second-generation model to really impress and bring jealously on the school run. It is important when buying one of those second-hand or second-generation models that you check it has been well maintained and up to safety standards. 


Audi Q5 

The Audi Q5 was a huge commercial success, even becoming the top-selling model for its class and even Audi for multiple years, causing Audi to launch a second-generation version of the Q5 and to this day is still one of the best SUV's on the market, whether new or second-hand.  A Sophisticated aesthetic both internally and externally, smooth handling with the four-wheel drive and all the space you'd expect from a premium SUV. 

What is The Best Used 4x4 Hampshire : Audi Q5
What is The Best Used 4x4 Hampshire : Skoda Karoq


Skoda Karoq 

The Skoda Karoq is highly practical and one of the most compact SUV's on this list make it able to manoeuvre tighter spaces than your average SUV and handle city centres with ease with its four-wheel drive and higher seating position. While compact, the Skoda Karoq doesn't hold back on interior space or luggage storage. This is perfect when combined with the added power and torque from the four-wheel drive to handle the extra weight.  Whether you're on a budget and are looking for some deals or want some extra power, the Skoda Karoq has a range of engine choices from a 1.0-litre petrol engine to double the power with a 2.0-litre diesel engine. Whether you choose, 1.0-litre, 2.0 TDI, diesel or petrol, etc. the Skoda Karoq has options to suit your needs, both new or second-hand. Unfortunately, the Skoda Karoq does not come with a 2.2-litre diesel or above engine options, however, this is soon forgotten about when behind the wheel of the Karoq.   

Seat Arona 

Small SUV's are gaining traction in the world of cars due to the larger range on the market with a sport like nature and handling, especially now accessible in terms of city centres. It is safe to say the Seat Arona is the best small SUV on the second-hand or new market. While more rigid with the larger wheel options, the 17-inch alloy wheels are the best all-around option for your wheel sizes.  The Seat Arona is a crossover SUV meaning while on a smaller scale than much larger SUV's the Seat Arona still comes well equipped with the spacious storage you'd expect from a 4x4 SUV. The Seat Arona is practical with great fuel economy contained with a 1.0-litre engine. 

What is The Best Used 4x4 Hampshire : Seat Arona
What is The Best Used 4x4 Hampshire : Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 

The Volvo XC60 sports sophisticated aesthetics both internally and externally while still maintaining the practicality you seek from a family-friendly SUV. Whether it's the 5 seats (three rear seats), spacious interiors and large storage space, the Volvo XC60 is great for families and offers amazing safety assurance to put your mind and your family at ease.  The Volvo XC60 sports a ton of features, whether it's autonomous driving, diesel or petrol engines, adjustable wheel drive, from two-wheel to four-wheel drive and economically affordable.   


Seat Ateca 

The Seat Ateca is marketed as a 4x4 with families in mind; spacious internals, large boot storage, no history of major concerns or faults and premier handling, it is no wonder families trust and love this SUV. Whether a 1.0-litre, 1.4-litre or a toque heavy powerhouse 2.0-litre diesel engine suits your needs, the Seat Ateca is for you. Unfortunately, the Seat Ateca does not come with a 2.2-litre diesel or above engine options, however, this is soon forgotten about when behind the wheel of the Seat Ateca.   

What is The Best Used 4x4 Hampshire : Seat Ateca
What is The Best Used 4x4 Hampshire : Audi Q7

Audi Q7 

The Audi Q7 bears the luxury name and for good reason, with refined aesthetics both internally and externally, premium features such as an excellent infotainment system and amazing four-wheel-drive, the Audi Q7 really turns heads. The second generation of the Audi Q7 upgraded the gearbox system but left it feeling a little lacklustre on the start-up meaning second-hand models before 2019 actually may be the better choice while having lower running costs. The second-generation model however does sport extra space, a smoother drive and an upgraded four-wheel-drive system. When searching the market for an Audi Q7 whether new or second-hand, you should look out for models with air suspension. 

What is the most reliable 4x4?

Still can't decide? Good news, we have researched and culminated many reviews and came up with our top 5 most capable models and deals:

5. Toyota C-HR  - 95.95% 

4. Peugeot 3008 - 96.09%

3. Lexus RX - 96.60% 

2. Subaru Outback - 97.24%

1. Volvo XC40 - 98.00%

Other examples include; the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Ford Kuga.

What is the most economical 4x4?

Whether it's miles per gallon, value for money, monthly costs or general upkeep, these are our top 5 most economical models and deals: 

1. Land Rover Discovery

2. Mercedes G-class

3. Range Rover

4. Fiat Panda Cross

5. Suzuki Jimny  

Other examples include; the Honda CR V and the Nissan Qashqai.

Are you looking for the best used 4x4 in the Hampshire area? We offer a large selection of fantastic used cars for sale. Car Buyer Hampshire offers a wide array of deals on second hand cars for sale in Hampshire; visit us today.