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Used Car Finance

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Good or bad credit history - we can help!

Used Car Finance Hampshire, Petersfield, Liss

Even if you have negative credit score we are always ready to provide a helping hand to anyone who needs financial help to purchase the car that they desire.

We provide financial help for people who may want to buy one of our quality second-hand cars. We offer a range of different finance options to suit So, visit our office to get to learn more about how much finance we can offer you.

Our Services

Our job is to ensure that all our customers can fulfil the dream of owning a car by assisting them in getting finances. Our loan payment terms are quite favourable since you can spread the cost and pay it for about seven years which is quite convenient to the majority of our customers..

We find the best financial lenders

On our end, we have a team of managers who work hard to find the most credible lenders offering favourable terms and conditions on the market. Our relationship with some of the top-notch lenders in the UK puts us on the map as one of the best finance company to seek help from. 

We offer solutions to all financial needs

We don't necessarily focus on the credit score that the customer has regardless of the number of finances they need from us. We are passionate about helping all people who may need any financial boost when buying a car. So, even if your credit score reads wrong, call, and we will give you a loan. 

We offer support from our Customer Car Representation

Each method listed above have pros and cons, and thus as a customer, it is crucial that you understand the pros and cons to see the technique that fits you based on your financial capabilities.

Aside from your financial state, it is also crucial you consider the agreement offered on each method to determine if it is reasonable and ideal for you. Without further ado, here are differences between hire purchase and other methods of car finances.

Hire Purchase

This is the form of car finance whereby the customer purchases a car under the agreement that he or she will pay every month. The customer is required to pay a fixed amount monthly over a fixed period of time depending on the car. 

Please Note: The customer has the right to drive the vehicle during the payment term and they can only claim ownership one they complete paying for the full amount.

How Does Hire Purchase Compare To Other Car Finance?

There are a wide variety of methods that you can use to acquire a car aside from hire purchase. The other useful methods recommended include;

Pay Up-Front

Personal Contract Purchase

Personal Loans

Quick Advice

It is crucial that you understand the pros and cons to see the method that fits based on your financial capabilities.  Aside from your financial state, it is also crucial you consider the agreement offered on each method to determine if it is reasonable and ideal for you.

Personal Contract 

Also referred to as PCP. This is a loan in which the customer acquires a car although he or she is not guaranteed to pay the full value at once. Also, the customer can choose to claim the vehicle at the end of the deal or not. This method is usually divided up into three portions which are;

The Deposit

The customer is expected to pay 10% of the actual car value. Majority of the car dealers request the customer to pay a 10 per cent before they acquire the car.

The good part is that if you are unable to raise the 10 per cent required by the car dealer, some finance lenders usually offer loans of 500 to 2,000 pounds depending on the type or nature of the car you want to purchase. Note that you can receive more than the listed figure from some lenders.

Borrowed Amount

If you want to borrow from the financial lenders, there are various factors that they use to determine the amount to offer you. The most crucial thing they consider is the value that the car will have after a specific period of using it. In most cases, they estimate the value between 24 to 36 months. The cost is estimated without including the deposit that you will chuck.

So, the money you will be expected to pay the lender is the amount they give you for topping up, plus the interest charged. This means that you will not necessarily be required to pay the actual value of the car in the course of the period you will be expected to pay the charges.

Balloon Payment

This is the money that the customer is required to pay up if they want to claim the ownership of the car. The money is usually estimated by the dealer depending on how much they believe the car will be worth ones the deal you had is fully paid.

This form of payment is also referred to as Guaranteed Minimum future value. But, keep in mind that the amount is only payable if you want to own the car ones the deal is done.

How quickly can I get the finances I need?

If you are wondering how long it takes or it will take you to get loans from us, you need to email us by completing the contact form below. We can discuss your finance requirements, and our team of management only takes a few minutes to review their questions before providing an answer.

You will be required to provide some personal information so we can evaluate whether you deserve the financial boost or not. This takes about one day to a week depending on your requirements and the info you provide us.

For more information about used car finance in Petersfield, Liss and Hampshire please complete the contact form below.

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