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Choosing a Car Dealer

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  • 13-09-2019
Choosing a Car Dealer

Are you looking for advice for choosing a used car dealer? Car Buyer Hampshire are your first choice for quality used cars in Hampshire.

Being in the car industry for more than 25 years now, we are one of the leading companies that specialise in selling used cars in Hampshire. As a family-run company, you are guaranteed excellent services from our family members who are involved in the business.

We agree with the following motto.

"Honesty creates loyalty."

We believe that if we provide legit services and products to our customers, then we will win their trustworthy and even more customers in the long run. This has been proven countless times since about 50 per cent of the new customers we get are as a result of referrals from our previous customers.

Therefore, if you would like to learn more about our services and why we are the best company that sells used cars in Hampshire, visit us and get to view some of the great machines, we have on our showrooms.

Second-hand Car Dealers Near Me

If you live in the Hampshire area and are looking for second-hand car dealers near me, get in touch today. We offer quality used cars for customers living in the following areas:

Petersfield / Liss / Hill Brow / Oakshott / Rake / Hawkley / Durford Wood / West Liss / Greatham / Empshott / Hampshire

Follow this link for used car sales in Hampshire.

Why are we the best choice for used car sales?

Our focus is not to fill our showroom with one model of cars but instead, we focus on quality and variety. We believe that customers have different tastes and preferences when it comes to their choice of a car, and we work hard to ensure that we curb their demand by providing what they need.

All the car models you could think of are present in our showroom, and they also come in different styles and colours as well.

Locating the car that you need

Do you need a specific car but we don't currently have it in our showroom? Don't worry as we can still help you get your dream car.

With our team of experts, we utilize different tools and sites to shop for all models of vehicles that our customers require.

We also do a market survey to check out the cars that are preferred more, and thus we shop for these cars and stock in our showroom. Nevertheless, if the vehicle you need is not available at the moment, we also make sure to avail it for you. Just give us a description of your perfect car, and we will help you source the best make and model for your needs.

Competitive prices

Although we have the best cars models on the market, rest assured that our prices are fair to all our customers. We regularly check the market rate and compare them to our price rates to ensure they match. Our rate is also lower than other companies with up to 100 pounds.

A one-stop shop

We understand that it can be a bit frustrating to move around looking for specific spare parts of a car model especially if it is a used car. Well, we have all you need to make your work easy. This means that we will supply you with the vehicle you need, serve it, and even provide the necessary parts that you may need. Our aim to make your car shopping process as comfortable as possible.

Welcoming showroom

Once you enter our company's showroom, rest assured that you will have the best time when looking around for your dream car. We shave organised the areas with a laid back set up for where our customers are provided with an excellent environment with no pressure.  

Full inspection

Worried that you may end up buying a used car that has defaults from our showroom? Well, have a relaxed mind when purchasing from us as our cars are well inspected to ensure they are in good state. All the vehicles must be passed through the 128 point check, and some of the most experienced mechanics usually do this. We also ensure to provide the assessment documents to our customers as a way of verifying the car is in an excellent state and ready to hit the road. 

Flexible finance for all

Do you want to buy a family car but you don't have enough cash at hand, or your credit does not allow you to borrow from other lending places? Well, just come, and we will fund your car buying process. We have a team of officers who look out for the best and most credible lenders around so we can help our customers get the right financial help when buying a car. We make sure to present the most reasonable option for our customers based on their ability to pay for the loan.

We accept car exchange

If you have used a car that you no longer need, you can bring it, and we will exchange it for you. We evaluate the value of the vehicle and advise you on how much it will cost. We also buy the cars off if you don't want to buy another one immediately.

Our services are quick

Rest assured that ones you find the car you are looking for from our showroom, it will only take a few hours to release it. We have teams of employees who are ready to inspect, offer upfront servicing, and any other paperwork that may be needed such that within an hour you will be on the road driving your car.

We provide breakdown cover

For quality assurance and to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services, we offer a one year warranty of breakdown cover to our customers. We work with AA, and if you are already a member of this company, you can still covert and upgrade it to your existing package or membership option.

Full HPI history and data check

We make sure to carry out the HPI check up on every car in our showroom. We report on 80 pieces of information regarding the vehicles available. All these checkups are done on the most vital parts of the vehicle which affects its functionality.

Service and MOT

We assess all the cars to ensure that by the time they leave the showroom, they do not have MOT. But in case your vehicle is diagnosed with this issue within six months of buying it, we will top it up for free. We check for any minor defaults such as scratches and dents that may be on the car and rectify them.

Thirty day checkup guarantee

We do not rush our customers as we want them to buy a car they are sure about. Therefore, if you want to verify that the vehicle is indeed in good condition, we offer 30 days guarantee where you can come to check the car and figure out if more repairs and services need to be carried out before you buy it.

Are you looking for a used car dealership in Hampshire? Our used car sales showroom offers the best value used cars for customers in Liss, Petersfield and the surrounding areas of Hampshire. 

For more info and assurance about our services, check out the car sales pages on our website. If you would want to know more about the cars we have and our services, visit our showroom and offices.