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Car Warranty

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We take care of your vehicle

We are determined to bring trust and simplicity to the car warranty industry. Our goal is to turn what is commonly termed as a stressful life event into an amusing experience.

Here at Car Buyer Hampshire we’ve created a flexible car warranty cover to assist you if ever your car gets a mechanical or electrical fault.  We have different varieties of car warranties to choose from depending on whether you have a new or used car.

Car Warranty

How does Car Warranty Work?


Auto Warranty

Protects you from unforeseen repair bills regardless and where and when you car breaks down.


Understand what it offers

It is critical to read and understand the Term and Conditions so that you are aware of the protection it offers.


Claim Limit

Always check the limit for each policy as this is what you will be paid in the case of making a claim.

Component Cover


Our Auto guard premium covers almost all mechanical and electrical components. This includes the labour to fit them in case of failure or breakdown. They include;



Brake System Parts

Ignition System


Fuel System


Cool System

When it is time to choose who will provide your car warranty, don’t hesitate to pick us.

Our experienced staff will walk you through the various available options and help you select the coverage that fit your needs. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about the plan offered.

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