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Best Used Electric Cars the UK

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  • 15-04-2021
Best Used Electric Cars the UK

Are you looking for the Best Used Electric Cars in the UK? As electric cars have became more popular, many people are looking for affordable electric cars. We look at the best electric cars available now.

What are the Best Used Electric Cars?

Electric cars or EVs are becoming more a part of our everyday lives and more universally standard with more charging stations, range of models and companies contributing each year as well as amazing advancements allowing electric cars to run for miles and miles, bringing electric cars of the future into the real world. 

Due to the nature of age, second-hand models range up to 10 years old, reducing the costs drastically combined with the vehicle already being previously used. EVs are cheaper than ever with lower running costs and more commercially accessible monthly PCP or total costs and APR while still keeping the soul of a good quality car. Here are our top 8 best used electric cars: 

Tesla Model S 

Number one in performance: To put into perspective, the Tesla Model S came out in 2012 and Audi and Kia are still trying to outperform this EV. The Model S innovated the EV scene and cemented electric cars as more than just electric. 

The Model S sold increasingly well and continues to do so.

What are the Best Used Electric Cars? Petersfield, Hampshire Used Cars

This leaves a wide range of second-hand models on the used market at reasonable prices or monthly PCP costs and is one of the best electric cars, especially in terms of miles. Still, performance is really at the soul of this car. 

Prices of: £25,000

Jaguar i-Pace Petersfield, Hampshire Used Cars

Jaguar i-Pace 

 Number one in dynamics: The Jaguar i-Pace collaborates between a large range of supercar and SUV features and builds quality, soul, and aesthetics. Spacious and roomy interiors and large boot space to boot, fun to drive, and superb handling makes it good to drive for any first time driving experience with 18-inch wheels or handling the power of a supercar for the first time and will keep you on the road for miles and miles.  

Prices of: £38,500  

Tesla Model 3 

 Number one in the range: with the success of the Tesla Model S, the pressure was on for Tesla in terms of their what would be their later models; thus launched the Model 3, elevating the fun to drive nature with increased manoeuvrability and miles of range over its rivals such as the BMW i4. 

Sporting four-wheel drive instead of the rear-wheel-drive of its rivals, the Tesla Model 3 comes in first for its range at only two years old. 

 Prices of: £37,000

Tesla Model 3 Petersfield, Hampshire Used Cars
Tesla Model X Petersfield, Hampshire Used Cars

Tesla Model X 

Number one in large family cars: The Tesla aesthetic is easily recognisable and iconic; however, it was when it came time to make a family SUV that Tesla's style really stood out from its rivals and showed its design prowess; roof-hinged doors combined with practicality and families in mind. 

With the Tesla Model X, it becomes hard to know whether your supercar has SUV features or your SUV has supercar features; the Model X sports up to seven seats, large boot space, supercar feats of speed and the latest Telsa interiors and electric motor/engine keeping you on the road for miles and miles.  

Prices of: £54,000

Nissan Leaf 

Number one in the budget: Nissan was one of the early adopters in electric cars, which is good news for anyone looking for the best deals as you can pick up ranges of models as old as ten years. 

Due to this, the Nissan Leaf doesn't boast as many of the features or specifications, such as miles per charge, as other used electric cars.

Nissan Leaf Petersfield, Hampshire Used Cars

Still, it is a cheap solution to becoming an electric car owner and often making electric vehicles more affordable to the masses. The Nissan Leaf is the perfect bargain and has a lot of soul.  

Prices of: £4,000

BMW i3 Petersfield, Hampshire Used Cars

BMW i3 

Number one in charge times: The BMW i3 is compact and practical while still offering roomy interiors perfect for the family. 

A wide range of Ah options available as BMW has updated this model quite often and has launched updates such as 94Ah and 120 Ah versions improving mileage. 

So whatever your needs or whether you need a petrol motor/engine backup, the BMW i3 surely has an option suited to you and will keep you on the road for miles and miles. 

Prices of: £11,000

Volkswagen eGolf 

Number one in budget hatchback: While Volkswagen has launched many electric cars since the release of the Volkswagen eGolf, this makes the eGolf accessible, affordable and the optimal starting point to leaving petrol and diesel behind while still keeping the miles. 

The Volkswagen gives you all the benefits of an electric car while still keeping true to what you expect from a hatchback in performance and handling. While the Volkswagen eGolf launched in 2014, the model was updated in 2016 to improve the model and increase the miles. 

Prices of: £15,000  

Volkswagen eGolf Petersfield, Hampshire Used Cars
Renault ZOE Petersfield, Hampshire Used Cars

Renault ZOE 

Number one in bargains for supermini: Since the launch of the Renault ZOE in 2014, the model has had many facelifts and updates, and while the 2020 update offers the best battery and the 2018 model boosts performance, it is the second generation 2016 model that is the most optimal. 

The 2014 model comes equipped with half the battery power of the 2016's 41kW batteries making the 2016 model cheap, accessible and double the power of the original 2014 batteries giving you almost double the miles per charge. 

Prices of: £5,000

Other examples worth considering include: 

 Smart ForFour electric

 Citroen C-Zero 

 Hyundai Kona 

 Hyundai Ioniq range 

 Kia Niro  

Are used electric cars worth it? 

Each year more and more companies launch their own electric car model or continue to add to their range of new models, constantly advancing the market of EVs. 

Electric cars have significantly improved from the 'pioneers of the early 2010s and continue to do so from hybrids to pure electric without the worry of charging times or capacity anymore. Electric cars of the future are now more a part of the real world than ever. 

There are many charging stations throughout the UK, and they continue to grow, improving the accessibility of the electric car and can save you money monthly on topping up your car. 

With what we know as the current standard of electric cars ranging as far back as almost a decade, there is a range of second-hand deals available. 

Does an EV suit me? 

Petrol or diesel could be more fuel-efficient giving you more miles on the clock, and installing a charging point could not be an option for you; luckily, just like gas stations, charging points are all over the UK and are constantly growing to meet needs and supply. 

Charging rates of electric vehicles are advancing each year, too, and we're beyond the point of needing to leave your vehicle on the charger overnight anymore. 

If you travel extensively or have an extensive mile range of around more than the average driver, then an Electric vehicle may not be right for you; electric vehicles lose charge faster during higher speeds; however, stop and start city traffic will actually benefit your battery consumption and depending on your model or added range extender will actually help to refuel while on the go, giving you the perfect city car.

Charging Options 

All variants of electric cars come with the standard three-pin UK plug charger. However, this is the slowest way to charge your electric vehicle. 

This isn't all bad news, as the government has brought in an incentive to help you bring a charging station into your home, reducing charge times by 60%. 

The government will offer you up to £350 upon providing proof of ownership of a used electric car or new car to go towards your own charger.   

What to look for While the number of companies offering new cars increases each year, so do the wide range of electric models, with some companies offer multiple, leading you to become overwhelmed. 

The good news is this means electric vehicles are more affordable and accessible than they've ever been, with some of the best-used cars being as cheap as £4,000. 

When considering a used vehicle, you should look into how well the model's battery maintains the charge, battery replacement costs or how much upkeep has gone into the used electric car. 

Luckily most companies offer an average of a seven-year warranty to cover such payouts and problems. However, it is always good to do your research when it comes to used cars advertisements.  

There is a wide range of EVs on the market for sale, and generally, you can peruse used or nearly new electric cars in the same way you could any other commercial car, provided all the electrics are functional.

Additionally, most cars offer anywhere from 100 miles to 200 miles on average or a comfortable 130 miles or 160 miles in between on a full charge to suit any driver or mileage.   

Battery warranty

Through use, the battery becomes less efficient on an electric car. As a result, it can diminish and lower the miles on a full charge and need to be replaced. 

This is why it is common practice for companies to provide you with a second warranty specifically for your car's battery to give you peace of mind and cover payouts.  

What are the best used electric cars in 2021? 

Renault Twizy hatchback

Smart EQ ForTwo hatchback

Skoda Citigo e iV hatchback

SEAT Mii electric 

Kia Niro

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Peugeot e-208 hatchback

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What are the best used electric cars in 2021? Petersfield, Hampshire Used Cars

If you live in the Hampshire area, we offer a large selection of fantastic used cars for sale. Car Buyer Hampshire offers a wide array of deals on EVs or hybrid petrol/diesel cars for sale in Hampshire; contact or visit us today.