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Benefits of Buying from Used Car Dealers

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  • 03-08-2020
Benefits of Buying from Used Car Dealers

Reasons to Buy a Used Car

There are many reasons to buy a used car. Nearly all new vehicles sold in the UK each year lose about 20% of there value the moment they're driven out of a showroom. After the first three years have passed, the car could be worth half or even less of its initial value. Our Hampshire based car dealership offers the following tips.

Why visit a dealership?

Buying a vehicle from a reputable car dealer will eliminate the majority of risks that can be involved when purchasing a car from a private seller. While you cannot altogether remove all the risks, if the dealer you choose has excellent honest trading history, it can indeed solve a lot of problems. Shopping around for a used car can fun, without having to budget for a brand new one.

Your money can go a lot further in the used car market than if you bought a new one. Your budget might only stretch as far as a basic model new car. However, if you shop around your budget will get you a lot more, a better-equipped model and a higher spec car.

If you buy a used car from a dealer, they are usually sold with a warranty. You can also test-drive several cars. You can 't do that if you buy from a private seller.

Dealer Expertise

Dealers tend to have access to much better mechanical and technical expertise than a private seller. Usually, a vehicle passing through the hands of a car dealer will have to go through a technical and mechanical inspection and will have any significant faults corrected.

You can and should always request a written guarantee on any repairs carried out by the dealership. A reputable dealer will be able to arrange finance for the purchase of a used vehicle. A private seller will be unable to provide any finance options. In the vast majority of cases, a private seller will only accept cash. A dealership will offer an extensive selection of used cars all in one place. Visiting a dealer will save time and effort for the potential buyer.

A dealer with their own premises will be able to show you several cars that fit your requirements and budget. You also have the option to visit several dealers to find the perfect used car. The used car market offers an incredible choice of different vehicles to drivers. No matter what model of the car you are looking for, by looking at the used car market, you should find the car of your dreams quite quickly if you look around the dealerships in or near your location. There will be a wide variety of vehicles on offer. 

Used Car Finance

Many dealerships can provide low down payment cars, and they have a vast range of financial plans to offer buyers. Private individual sellers are unable to provide finance. A dealership has the flexibility of finance options for buyers who don't have the budget to pay for a car all in one go. It allows you to improve your credit rating after making payments on time.

When you buy a vehicle from an individual private seller, you have to pay the entire cost of the car upfront. Many private sellers will only accept cash. Buying a car for cash from a private seller will not help improve your credit rating.

Variety of Choice

It can be quite daunting when you start to look for your perfect used car. It can take so much time scouring the classified adverts, trolling the internet and travelling to private sellers only to find the vehicle is not what you want. It can take a full day to travel to view one car, depending on where it is situated. If you stay relatively local, you can visit several dealers in one day. Dealerships tend to have plenty of stock for you look at and test drive.

Great Value for Money

You are in a high position when you buy a vehicle from a used car dealer. The used cars on their forecourt are in the majority of cases only just over a couple of years old. You will find that a used car that is of the highest specifications and a newer model. If you ploughed your savings into a brand new vehicle, depending on your budget, the chances are it would be a basic, low spec model that would be in your price range.

If you live in the Hampshire area, we offer a large selection of fantastic used cars for sale.Follow this link to find out more about our used car sales in Hampshire.